Employment History

General Manager
@Mount Baw Baw Alpine Resort
Southern Alpine Resort Management Board

JUL 2019 - Present

Responsible for the strategic management and day-to-day operation of the Mount Baw Baw Alpine Resort, including the provision of visitor services and experiences, emergency management, and resort operations. Delivery of the Board's functions related to visitation, land management, water, infrastructure, safety and the environment.

Core Responsibilities

Work with the CEO and Board to establish, implement and oversee the long-term goals, strategies, plans and policies of the Resort.

  • Management of the resorts Visitor Experience, Resort and Snow Operations, Food and Beverage, Marketing and Resort Activations, Safety and Environement teams. 30 FTE ongoing, 120 FTE seasonal winter.
  • Deliver capital works program
  • Responsible for the financial performance and human resources of the Resort
  • Deliver strategic and business priorities
  • Develop ideas and offerings to extend the reach of the resort
  • Establish and maintain relationships with stakeholders
  • Guiding and directing on mountain programs, experiences and events.
  • Nominee for liquor licensed venues

Key Achievements

  • Improvements in team culture
  • Improvements in community and stakeholder engagement
  • Visitor and revenue growth
  • Transition from reactive to planned maintenance approach
  • Growth in on-line booking channels
  • Improved financial, administrative, human resource and risk management compliance
  • Implementation of new Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP)
  • Implementation of new Vehicle and Traffic Management Plan.
  • Resilience and agile management during COVID-19 lockdowns and regional natural disasters.
  • Annual business planning. Commenced master planning.
  • Major project oversight and funding applications.

Acting CEO
@Southern Alpine Resort Management Board

DECEMBER 2021 - JANUARY 2022 (6 Weeks)

Core Responsibilities

Lead and manage a diverse multi-disciplinary team responsible for the delivery of land management and Board governance.

  • Mount Baw Baw Alpine Resort
  • Lake Mountain Alpine Resort
  • SARMB Corporate division